C# Projects – PACC Warrant Client

Written for a local city court to access their warrant database easily from within the office and remotely. Works in conjunction with the warrant importer app that connects to the local Microsoft SQL and then imports that data into an external MySql database to access.

This is not a free app and requires a code to even run.


C# Projects – Inventory Client

This is an inventory app written for Microsoft surface tablets that LMK was using for offsite inventory management.

  • Contacts database for inventory sheet via internet
  • Operator can use a barcode scanner for quick entry
  • Submits order back to database for processing
  • Copies of submitted orders are kept in archive as csv files

Designed to eliminate paper processing and faster order submissions. The app currently hooks to a MySql database, but can configured to any database with a .Net connector.

For a demo, please contact us.

C# Projects – Sage50 Sales Order Generator

bSageSalesOrderSage50 Sales Order Generator

  • Connects directly to a store fronts MySql database
  • Grabs the current orders
  • Connects directly to Sage50 via the .net api
  • Auto fills the shipping and order info
  • Simply confirm the order and save

Designed to get orders produced from an online shopping cart, and create sales orders in Sage50 from them. The shopping cart used in development was MySql driven, so it can be adapted to most projects.

C# Projects – System Info Quick View

System Info Quick View

  • Displays Windows Activation Code
  • CPU Information
  • Windows OS Information
  • NIC Information
  • Hard Drive Information

This is a basic c# project that displays all the needed info I required when sitting down with a Windows workstation, in one simple click, with minimal digging. Serves as information consolidation.

Built using 4.5 .net framework